Africa Night

What’s special about Africa Night? In addition to the dancing, and fabulous music, people love the diverse crowd. You could be dancing one minute or talking with someone of any ethnic background, profession or economic class the next. Conversations in the backyard range from global politics, social and environment concerns to sharing of personal struggles and triumphs.

Free Buffet Dinner served at 7pm

The free buffet dinner is of course a draw. Buffet is served at 8pm and includes the following:

  • Spicy meatballs or chicken
  • Vegetarian beans
  • Rice with vegetables
  • Tortilla chips.

Music from 7:30pm to 1am

Opening act at 7:30 and dance bands start at 9p. Check our show calendar to see the lineup for each Saturday.

Resident Africa Night Performers

  • Zoumountchi (Afro-beat)
  • Bamako Airlines (Afro-pop)
  • Rey Arteaga (Cubano)
  • Huerta Culture (Cúmbia, Ska and more)
  • Frederico 7 (Brazilian Funk and Rock)
  • Sahara Allstars (Afro-beat)
  • Aicha Wambaya (Afro-pop)
  • Bramaya (Traditional West African dance and music)
  • Kiko Villamizar (Colombian)
  • Serumn (Afrobeat)
  • Patois (Reggae)
  • Hail Marley (Reggae)
  • Abou & the Crew (Afrobeat)
  • Many more local and touring acts.